When the Night Is Gone

by Daniel E. Gawthrop

In 2018, the Manhattan Girls Chorus was honored to present the World Premiere of Daniel E. Gawthrop’s When the Night Is Gone. The Chorus recorded the song and then produced an accompanying video to help capture the meaning and powerful significance of the message.

“We generally separate “amateurs” from “professionals” by whether or not they are being paid for what they do. However, there is another way to rise to the level of professional, and that is to perform on the same level as those who *are* paid. If you have any question about what that looks like, please click on the link and watch/hear a group of unpaid professionals show you how it is done. It’s a pity that the very professional singers of the Manhattan Girls Chorus aren’t being paid large sums of money for absolutely NAILING this piece which I wrote for them–on the other hand, the fact that they were willing to work as hard as any professional without being paid anything at all speaks volumes about their commitment to their art. It’s a humbling thing to observe.

Do watch the video. Then watch it again. Then once more, but this time with your eyes closed–you really need to focus on the incredible rich sound, the masterful shaping of the phrases, the impeccable balance and blend, the razor sharp intonation and, above all, the palpable devotion each singer brings to this almost sacred task. Your time will be well spent in the company of these amazing singers.” – Daniel E. Gawthrop