An MGC Mentoring Event

“Walking Boldly through Life”

Professional Women’s Roundtable

The girls and their parents joined with an esteemed group of professional women who shared their experiences in our second Professional Women’s Roundtable event. These events provide our young women access to role models who have pursued many diverse professional paths. It is an important part of our effort to give these young women a perspective for how to deal with challenges in life and overcome them in hopes they may make a difference in the world.

We are extremely grateful to the incredibly talented and generous group of women who joined us for the evening, who ranged from executives in the finance, communications, legal, music and knowledge management industries, to a health and wellness expert, to a minister with an initial 20-year career in the arts. We are also very grateful to one of our advisors, Tami Petty, who served as moderator for this event.