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Dr. Malynn Utzinger-Wheeler is currently the Director of Integrative Practices at Promega Corporation and the founder of Dr. Malynn, where she consults with patients and organizations on the use of Integral Medicine, teaching mind-body skills for health, self-esteem, management of anxiety and stress, and development of leadership skills. She brings together cultural anthropology, the science of positive psychology and the art of medicine into her career as a consultant to people seeking deeper answers to their health questions. She applies the full force of her 15 years of training with pioneering physicians and philosophers including Deepak Chopra, Dean Ornish, Andrew Weil, James Gordon, Ken Wilber and Rachel Remen. Previously, Dr. Malynn was the Director of Women’s Health at the Chopra Center in California and a research fellow in Preventive Oncology. She completed her MD residency (Family Medicine and an additional year of Physiatry) and fellowship (Preventive Oncology) at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, where she holds an honorary professorship in the Department of Family Medicine. When not engaged in clinical work and teaching the principles of health, she leads workshops for organizations interested in tapping creativity, expanded awareness, innate understanding of human development, and body-based wisdom to help participants and employees develop skills that lead to more thoughtful, effective, and provocative solutions which previously lay hidden–inside and outside the box. Prior to medical school, Dr. Utzinger-Wheeler completed a BA degree in English and Mass Communications, an MA in Linguistics, and post-graduate studies in Cultural Anthropology.