How Can We Stop from Singing?

A Joint Concert with Young Women’s Chorus of San Francisco

The Chorus hosted the Young Women’s Chorus of San Francisco, under the direction of world-renowned choral conductor, Susan McMane, for a joint concert titled How Can We Stop from Singing? In addition to performing together, each chorus performed numerous works including, for MGC, Even When He Is Silent, by Kim André Arnesen and Sing Me To Heaven by Daniel Gawthrop.

Aside from flawless diction, impeccable intonation and sensitive balance, this performance also contained a deeply spiritual musicality not found in many of the performances I hear. Your young singers should be very proud of their work here, not only because they have, by hard work, gotten all of the technical demands completely under their control, but because they then used that control to create a performance which masterfully reflected the content of their hearts and the purity of their souls. No composer could ask for more. As a fellow human being I applaud and fully support the philosophy behind your ensemble, and as a fellow musician I am deeply impressed with the technical mastery and the fluid, engaging musicianship. You get it! And through your teaching and example, the girls get it too! Bravo.
Daniel Gawthrop, Composer
Sing Me To Heaven