Manhattan Girls Chorus is a professional young women’s chorus made up of girls from all boroughs and nearby communities.

Auditions provide an opportunity to meet the director and learn more about the Chorus. While our standards are high, our process is friendly. Auditions are relaxed and informal.

Please arrive prepared to sing a song of your choice. We ask that you provide a copy of your music for our pianist.  It is preferred that you do not sing a Broadway-style selection as belting is not an accepted vocal technique in MGC. Healthy free vocal production, as well as excellent intonation and an ability to sing basic rhythms at sight are required. Additionally, you will be asked to perform pitch-matching exercises and demonstrate your sight-reading ability.

Your spirit, enthusiastic love of singing, strong commitment, and willingness to contribute to the greater good of our community and vision are also of the utmost importance.  We will continue to unite the voices of young women and make a difference throughout the greater New York area.