by Arrigo Boito

The Chorus joined The Collegiate Chorale and American Symphony Orchestra at Carnegie Hall for Arrigo Boito’s Mefistofele. In this production, the devil was the great bass-baritone Eric Owens. The performance also included Arturo Chacón-Cruz, Julianna Di Giacomo, Teresa Buchholz and Joseph Michael Brent. The Collegiate Chorale and the Manhattan Girls Chorus took on the roles of sorcerers, witches, nymphs, and cherubim, with American Symphony Orchestra at their side and Maestro James Bagwell at the helm.

Under the direction of James Bagwell and backed by the resources of the American Symphony Orchestra, the Chorale gave a lively, involved performance that showed some of what the opera has to offer. This held true not only for the Chorale but also for the Manhattan Girls Chorus, who provided some angelic work. (Broadway World)
Opera Today

The Manhattan Girls Chorus directed by Michelle Oesterle provided the voices of the angels and cherubim with piquancy, wit and good singing.
Joel Benjamin,

New York’s Collegiate Chorale appears to be twice the size of a conventional opera chorus, and here it was augmented by the young members of the Manhattan Girls Chorus, who filled a section of the balcony and added distinctive flavor to the monumental celestial ensembles that bookmark Boito’s score.

David Baker,
Opera News