by Richard Strauss

The Chorus performed this extraordinarily difficult piece in German and Bavarian with American Symphony Orchestra, The Collegiate Chorale, Alfred Walker, and Jacquelyn Wagner under the direction of Maestro Leon Botstein at Carnegie Hall.

Most impressive in this performance was the Manhattan Girls Chorus, whose part in the score was long and complex (often involving what I presume were either old Bavarian folk songs or verses intended to sound as such).

Likely Impossibilities…evenings at the opera
by Macaela Baranello

‘Maja maja mia mö,’ sings the (excellent) children’s chorus over and over like a kindergarten of Valkyries in training.

The New York Times

Botstein kept the huge, brass-heavy orchestra and vast choral forces (James Bagwell’s full-voiced Collegiate Chorale and Michelle Oesterle’s skilled Manhattan Girls Chorus, who executed some difficult music commendably) in proper balance with the fifteen (!) solo singers, who spread out almost across the stage.

New York Classical Review

For this performance, Mr. Botstein assembled a stellar cast… The Collegiate Chorale and the Manhattan Girls Chorus completed the citizenry, with tight, well-prepared singing that rode smoothly over the busy orchestration.

Super Conductor