2015 Gala

and presentation of



Manhattan Girls Chorus hosted their inaugural Gala in May, 2015. We commissioned David Sisco, an accomplished NYC composer, to write a cantata for the girls that included their own words. The piece, entitled “I AM,” seeks to build a bridge between the voices of strong historical women and the voices of our girls, who are beginning to find their way in the world.


With the assistance of one of our Advisors, Dr. Malynn Utzinger, the girls were guided through a process of writing about their lives, creating beautiful and moving prose which provided the core text for the concert work. Their words are very personal, powerful, and reveal their vulnerability and struggles as well as their strength. Examples include: ‘I am afraid no one will like me’; ‘I’ve been bullied’; ‘I have been hurt by words’; ‘I have the courage to stand up for myself’; ‘I am confident’; ‘My dream is to make a difference’; and ‘I AM BEAUTIFUL!’ The end result is an affirmation and strong reinforcement of the message to each girl that her voice is important and worthy of being heard.


The program included an introduction by several of the girls who opened their hearts and shared their thoughts on this work and the influence of the Chorus on their lives.